Sailing Komodo in Labuan Bajo

Sailing Komodo, Waerebo, Overland Flores & Overland Sumba

Are you looking for cheap Sailing Komodo open tour packages in Labuan Bajo? Or Komodo open tour packages 3 days 2 nights. Wonderful East Indonesia is the best choice for you. Why? As we are the provider of tour services in Labuan Bajo since 2016 and also we provide the best services with affordable price.

sailing Komodo murah

We offer cheap Sailing Komodo in Labuan Bajo which uses the complete tour boat with the various kinds of facilities. The facilities of boat start from regular boat Komodo to luxury Sailing boat. You not only join open tour packages but also, you can rent a boat for Sailing Komodo if you already have a group or have a plan sailing with family privately.

tour program

We have a few tour programs that are: Sailing Komodo, Waerebo Trip, Overland Flores, and Overland Sumba. You can choose open tour packages or private tour packages. If you are alone, open tour packages can be as a solution. Whereas, if you already have own group, you can try private tour packages. For more details, you can click the photos below.

Sailing Komodo Trip

Waerebo Trip

Overland Flores Trip

Overland Sumba Trip

Raja Ampat Trip

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International Trip

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Boat Rent in Labuan Bajo

Regular Boat, VIP Boat, Phinisi Boat, and Luxury Boat

We provide boat rent for Sailing Komodo in Labuan Bajo. There are various choices of boat with the best facilities. So, how to rent a boat in Labuan Bajo?

Firstly, you should decide the budget that wants to spend. Secondly, you get in touch with our team in order to ask the information about available boats which are suitable with your plan. Thirdly, our team will send you the photos of available boats and their facilities. Then, you can discuss about the price. Finally, you are ready to take a vacation comfortably and happily at Komodo National Park.

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